Medium animal traps virtually protecting your property from nuisance animals

Unlike small animal trap, medium-sized animal trap can successfully catch large squirrels, skunks, mink, wild rabbits, possums and other medium-size animals. What is more, it still has good performance in trapping small animals.

Animal traps on market are galvanized to extend durability. We supply PVC coated as well as galvanized humane cage traps. Although galvanized live trap performs well in catching animals, its silvery appearance at the beginning is not good to lure animals into the cage. PVC coated traps, often black, green or rust-red facilitate.

Black vinyl coated medium-size animal trap
Vinyl coated animal trap

Tips for choosing the right size of humane live trap

  • Make sure your frequently trapped nuisance animals.
  • Ask for advice from your neighbor who has the experience of animal trap.
  • Based on your prior experience.
  • Contact us for professional suggestion.

Your benefits

  • Spring-loaded door guaranteeing secure trap and easy release.
  • Sturdy wire mesh to resist damage from animals.
  • Galvanized wire allowing for years of usage.
  • 1-door and 2-door are available.
  • Smooth and rolled inside edges protect the animals trapped in cage.
Medium-sized Animal Traps
Model No. Size (inch) Feature Application
Length Width Height
MS2477 24 7 7 1-Door, spring loaded door Ideal for trapping large squirrels, skunks, mink, wild rabbit and middle-sized nuisance animals.
MD3077 30 7 7 2-Door, spring-loaded Ideal for catching muskrats, opossums and similar sized animals.
MD2477 24 7 7 2-Door, spring-loaded


Ideal for trapping rabbits, skunks and large squirrels.
MD2679 26 7 9 2-Door, spring-loaded Ideal for trapping squirrels, wild rabbits, feral cats and similar animals.

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