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Animal traps humanely control animal problems around your property

As a professional manufacturer of animal traps, Loveget has been recognized as a trusted supplier by an increasing number of customers covering Australia, America, England and many other countries. Our premium live traps and considerable after-sale services have gained us reputation and trust.

Cage live traps are considered by many animal protectors the most humane and earth-friendly tool, for the animal trapped will not hurt or harmed. When the animal enters into the cage to take the bait, it triggers the trigger plate and the door, whether gravity or spring loaded, will clock automatically and quickly. According to local laws, you can release the animal in the correct way.

Our animal traps have a big family including rat traps, squirrel traps, raccoon traps, rabbit traps, and possum traps and so on. Traps for similar size animals can be interchangeable. For example, rat traps are ideal for catching rats, mice, voles and small squirrels.

1-door and 2-door live traps are supplied. You may ask which one is better? It is hard to tell the difference and effect in trapping animals. Actually, it mainly depends on your preference. For tricky and sociable animals like squirrel and raccoon, 2-door may be performs better for it will not block eyesight. However, some people find the catch rate of 1-door trap is even higher.

New animal trap is not so versatile to catch animals for its silvery appearance which seems so special to the surroundings. To resolve this problem, we have developed plastic coated live traps. They are brown, green or black. These colors make the animal feel relieved and not fear to go into the cage to enjoy baits. Depending on investigation, PVC coated animal trap has been proven very efficient in trapping animals. What is more, PVC coating assists with extending life span.

Small Animal Traps

Small Animal Traps

Small animal traps are designed to catch small nuisance critters like mice, small squirrels. 1-door and 2-door, galvanized and PVC coated are alternatives.

Black vinyl coated medium-size animal trap

Medium-sized Animal Traps

Medium-sized animal traps are designed for catching large squirrels, skunks, wild rabbits and other medium animals. Premium PVC coated animal traps supplied.

Large animal trap ideal for catching feral cats, possum and similar size animals

Large Animal Traps

Large animal traps are ideal for trapping large critters such as opossums, beavers, stray cats and similar animals. Galvanized and PVC coated live traps supplied.

Rat trap, small live trap, also suitable for catching small squirrels

Rat Traps

Rat traps are designed as humane devices to catch rats, voles, mice and similar small nuisance animals. Galvanized finish or plastic coating ensures a longer life.

Squirrel humane trap, plastic-coated for long life

Squirrel Traps

Squirrel traps are specially designed for trapping squirrels, small rabbits and similar animals. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

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