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A raccoon is trapped in a live trap

Loveget Animal Traps Co., Ltd. covers a wide range of animal traps that truly resolves your garden protection problems. Founded in 2000, Loveget has been manufacturing animal traps for more than 10 years. During these years, our company are continually developed new products to adjust today's applications.

Humane animal traps or live traps have been widely accepted by ecologist and defenders of animals, for they do no or little damage to the trapped nuisance animals. Although some critters are very cute such as raccoon, squirrel, they've made damage to your vegetables, attics, pools and bird feeder, even attack your pets. Frequent target animals are squirrel, rabbits, raccoons, possums and feral cats. Due to their different habits and sizes, we supply different sizes of traps from small, medium to large.

On the market, most humane animal traps are just galvanized to extend life span. So did us. Now we've developed new models - plastic coated animal traps. They are not so shining and more durable.

What benefits I will get if I buy animal trap from your company?

  • Small mesh opening protects you from attacking.
  • Heavy gauge wires are strong enough to support impacts.
  • Galvanized or PVC coated wire resists damp environments.
  • Sturdy door locks ensure the animal will stay in the cage.
  • Rolled wire edges protect the animal from harm.
  • Experienced experts will give you recommendations of how to trap a tricky animal.
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