Feral cat traps contribute to resolve feral cat threats around your house

Feral cats have been headaches to many people and city for their huge population and damage to property and environments. Our feral cat traps have been proven effective methods to deal with feral cat problems. Sturdy wire mesh, sensitive trigger system and secure release design contributes to premium feral cat trapping cage.

Our new humane cat traps are black vinyl coated for longer service life and more effective in trapping feral cats. Black appearance instead of silvery makes the feral cats feel more relieved when they intend to eat the bait in the cage. Common baits for feral cat include fish, meat, oil of catnip, sardines, canned tuna and chicken.

What is the difference between feral and stray cats?

Feral cats are very different from stray cats or pet cats although they belong to the same feline animal. Feral cats are completely wild and have little relationship to the human being. They live outdoors and fear to face with people.

Owing to reasons, the population of feral cats is spirally increasing and out of control in many cities. Simultaneously, they have caused untold damage to the environments; especially have been an important threatening factor to the songbirds and endangered birds.

Feral cat damages:

  • Vicious attacks on people and pets, including children, adults, dogs and housecats.
  • Kill billions of birds and mammals a year.
  • Bring extinction to thousands of birds.
Raccoon Live Traps
Model No. Size (inch) Feature
Length Width Height
LD361012 36 10 12 2-Door, spring loaded
LS321012 32 10 12 1-Door, spring-loaded
LS2699 26 9 9 1-Door, spring-loaded
Feral cats are major threats to bird, feral cat traps gives an effective way to catch them

A huge feral cat

Feral cat trap with 1 spring-loaded door, heavy duty wire mesh to resist damage

A black vinyl coated feral cat trap

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