Wide Randes of Animal Traps for Your Needs

Small Animal Traps
Small animal traps are designed to catch small nuisance critters like mice, small squirrels. 1-door and 2-door, galvanized and PVC coated are alternatives.Learn More
Black vinyl coated medium-size animal trap
Medium-sized animal traps are designed for catching large squirrels, skunks, wild rabbits and other medium animals. Premium PVC coated animal traps supplied.Learn More
Large animal trap ideal for catching feral cats, possum and similar size animals
Large animal traps are ideal for trapping large critters such as opossums, beavers, stray cats and similar animals. Galvanized and PVC coated live traps supplied.Learn More
Rat trap, small live trap, also suitable for catching small squirrels
Rat traps are designed as humane devices to catch rats, voles, mice and similar small nuisance animals. Galvanized finish or plastic coating ensures a longer life.Learn More
Squirrel humane trap, plastic-coated for long life
Squirrel traps are specially designed for trapping squirrels, small rabbits and similar animals. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.Learn More
Raccoon live trap, 1-door, spring-loaded, 36×10×12inch
Raccoon humane trap is very impressive for its capacity of trapping smart raccoons and returning a peaceful and beautiful garden to you.Learn More
Feral cat trap with 1 spring-loaded door, heavy duty wire mesh to resist damage
Feral cat trap provide an effective way to control feral cat which can attach human beings and pets and eat many birds a year. Sturdy structure and PVC coating ensure durability.Learn More
Plastic-coated possum trap for durability and high catch rate
Possum traps are designed to control possum and drive possums away from your garden and your property. Plastic coated traps are available.Learn More
A wild rabbit trapped in a live trap
Rabbit humane traps are designed to get rid of wild rabbit damage to your plants. Fast closure of doors, rust-free wire mesh and reasonable size give you’re the ideal choice.Learn More
Robust dog trap ideal for catching dingo and wild dog
Wild dog traps are ideal for trapping dingoes, foxes and similar animals. Heavy gauge wire and plastic coating contributes to catching them.Learn More
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