How to catch a possum in a live trap?

Possums are a small to medium-sized critter about 2-3' long and 4lbs -15lbs weight. Their family has long snouts and narrow brains. They like to dig up plant roots and take them into garbage cans.

Possum traps are made of galvanized wire to extend life span. Plastic coated traps are also provided which has better performance in durability and catching rates.

How to catch a possum in a live trap?

  • First, get a suitable trap for the possum.
    Usually, the live trap should be no less than 30 inches in length. Spring loaded door is excellent to catch tricky possum.
  • Second, place the trap in a location where possums frequently appear.
    If you have encountered by possums in your attic, then place there.
    If porch regularly discovered near the porch, then place the live trap under it.
  • Third, choose right baits and place on right place.
    Possums are not particular about food and can eat anything. Canned pet food, tuna, apple all absorbs possums.
  • Fourth: Check the trap twice a day to see if the possum trapped.
  • Fifth: release the possum
    Once you catch the possum, please call the Humane Society for recommendations. Different countries have different laws of dealing with possums.
Model No. Size (inch) Feature Baits for opossum
Length Width Height
LD361012 36 10 12 2-Door, spring loaded Fish, apples, vegetables, eggs, corn and canned animal food
LD3077 30 7 7 2-Door, spring loaded
LS321012 32 10 12 1-Door, spring-loaded
A large possum on a tree

A possum

Plastic-coated possum trap for durability and high catch rate

Possum humane trap

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