Humane rabbit trap - your gardens best friend and protector

Have your garden broken by wild rabbits? Have you thought of driving them away from your house? Rabbit is a common enemy and pest animal for garden plants. They can eat flowers and vegetables, damaging trees and shrubs by clipping their stems, buds and small braces and by girdling larger trees.

Choose our rabbit traps to catch nuisance rabbits away from your lovely garden. Two sizes are supplied for small and large sized rabbits. They are electro-galvanized for rust-resistance and corrosion. Besides, PVC coated is another premium option for protecting your garden.

Wild Rabbit Traps
Size (inch) Feature Baits for wild rabbits
Length Width Height
24 7 7 1-Door, spring loaded door Carrots, lettuce and apples
17 7 7 1-Door, gravity action
A wild rabbit is eating vegetable flower

A wild rabbit in the garden

A wild rabbit trapped in a live trap

A wild rabbit in a live cage trap

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