Raccoon humane trap stop damage from nuisance animals

Raccoons are very curious, smart and somewhat sociable animals. They are about 12" high and weight from 15 - 48 pounds. They are easily recognized for their distinctive coloration and ringed tails.

Raccoon humane traps have been the No.1 destroyer of garden vegetables. Watermelon, tomatoes and most vegetables are raccoon foods. In addition, they like to trash your fish pond and take your koi. Besides their damage to garden and pond, they are susceptible to several diseases such as rabies.

There are three types of raccoon traps supplied for you. Sturdy structure, rust-free coating and sensitive doors allow for successful trapping of tricky raccoons.

Raccoon Live Traps
Model No. Size (inch) Feature Baits for raccoon
Length Width Height
LS321012 32 10 12 1-Door, spring-loaded Nuts, eggs, fruit, fish, honey vegetables, watermelon, sweet corn, crisp bacon, marshmallows
LD361012 36 10 12 2-Door, spring loaded
LS421515 42 15 15 1-Door, spring loaded
LD421013 42 10 13 2-Door, spring loaded
Raccoon is eating tomato in our garden

Raccoon damage to garden

Raccoon live trap, 1-door, spring-loaded, 36×10×12 inch

Galvanized raccoon live trap

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