Rat humane traps virtually assistant of controlling rats

Rats have super capability of adapting, surviving and thriving. They have ranked the second place of mammalian species on earth today. Their huge population makes great threats to human beings' health, agriculture and food safety. A huge percentage of agriculture produce and food are contaminated by rats' urine and feces. What is more, every year thousands of people are bitten by rats and be infected with serious illnesses such as salmonella.

Our rat traps are designed as humane device to control pest animals such as rats, mice, voles and similar small animals. 2-door and 1-door are available for your choices. It is hard to tell which one is better. You can choose one according to your experience or preferences.

Owing to rats like to live in damp places, so rat trap should be resistant to rust and corrosion. All our rat traps are galvanized and some are plastic-coated for longer life service.

Rat Humane Traps
Model No. Size (inch) Feature Baits for rats
Length Width Height
SD1033 10 3 3 2-Door with gravity action Cheese, bread, birdseed and peanuts
SS1666 16 6 6 1-Door, gravity action
SD1855 18 5 5 2-Door, spring loaded
Rat is the most unwanted pest animal at home

A house rat

Rat trap, small live trap, also suitable for catching small squirrels

Rat live trap

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