Small animal traps catching destroyers from your attic, garden

Small animal traps are particularly designed for catching small-sized nuisance animals including small squirrels, small rabbits, mice, rats, small skunks, mink, and other small critters. Four different sizes are supplied and each has its own superiority and feature in trapping target animals. They are ideal choices for controlling pests which cause damage to your attic, plants in your yard and garden, and property.

Galvanized animal traps are frequently sold on the market. Zinc coating protects the steel wire from corrosion and rust.

Besides galvanized animal traps, PVC coated animal live traps are particularly supplied. Black, rust-red and green are popular colors which can easily blend with the environments and make the animals relieved to enter into the cage. It is proven that the catch rate of PVC coated animal trap reaches as high as 98%.

There are two kinds of door - gravity action door and spring loaded door. Gravity action doors will automatically fall and lock the door once the animal touch the trigger and it completely enter into the cage. If you feel the fall of the door is not fast, you can place a small stone on the top which adds weight to the door. Spring loaded have similar function as gravity action doors. Its sensitive and quick action of closing the door increases the possibility of confining the animal into the cage.

Small animal trap, 1-door, used as squirrel trap, vole trap, mice trap or for other similar animals

1-door Animal Trap

2-Door animal trap for small rabbit, mice, rats, shrews.

2-Door Animal Trap

Features and advantages:

  • Humane trap will does little harm to the animals to be trapped.
  • Professional animal trap guarantees safe and secure catches.
  • Black, green and rust-red are available.
  • Galvanized wire mesh resisting rust and corrosion and allows for long life span.
  • Small mesh opening avoiding scratching and biting from nuisance animals.
  • Spring-loaded door and gravity action door are available.
  • Strong wire mesh to prevent damage.
  • Easy to set, baitand release.
Small Animal Live Traps
Model No. Size (inch) Feature Application
Length Width Height
SD1033 10 3 3 2-Door with gravity action Ideal for trapping mice, chipmunks, shrews, voles, and small-size animals.
SS1666 16 6 6 1-Door, gravity action Ideal for trapping squirrels, rats, weasels, vole and small nuisance animals.
SD1855 18 5 5 2-Door, spring loaded Ideal for catching small squirrels, chipmunks, rats, weasels and small-sized critter.
SS1777 17 7 7 1-Door, gravity action Ideal for catching squirrels, rabbits, skunks, and mink.

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