Squirrel traps protecting your property from squirrels

Squirrel squeezing your attic through a small hole

Squirrel entering into an attic

Squirrel traps are humane and effective alternatives for squirrel controlling. Our squirrel humane trap comes into a variety of sizes and types. Compared with competitors on the market, our squirrel cage trap has smaller mesh opening for securing yourself during transporting the animals.

Squirrels are typically 8" to 10" long and 12 to 24 ounces in weight. Our live traps are just right for catching them.

Your benefits

  • Easy to be placed in the right place.
  • Sensitive spring-loaded trigger action.
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage.
  • Galvanization resists corrosion.
Squirrel Live Traps
Model No. Size (inch) Feature Baits for squirrel
Length Width Height
SS1666 16 6 6 1-Door, gravity action Nuts, fruits, berries, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, grains, cereal and apples
SD1855 18 5 5 2-Door, spring-loaded
SS1777 17 7 7 1-Door, gravity action
SS1755 17 5 5 1-Door, spring loaded
MS2477 24 7 7 1-Door, spring loaded
MD2477 24 7 7 1-Door, spring loaded
Gray squirrel eating a peanut

Grey squirrel

Squirrel humane trap, plastic-coated for long life

Squirrel cage trap

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