Dog traps assist with reducing your economic damage significantly

Wild dogs or known as dingoes, have been considered as pest animals in many places for their damage to domestic livestock and economic cost. In some areas where wild dogs are rampant, farmers or land managers are forced to reduce sheep holdings or substitute them for cattle. This change makes farmers' revenue decrease sharply.

Our humane dog trap is fabricated by heavy gauge and rust-resistant wire mesh - frame wire 6mm, 14 gauge and filler wire 3mm, 11 gauge. The mesh opening is 25mm×50mm to avoid attack from the dog when you take the cage. Zinc coating protects the cage from rusting during all the weathers and environments. There are three types of dingo traps for your choices. They have employed sensitive spring-loaded door to ensure fast and secure catch of wild dogs, dingoes and foxes.

Your benefits:

  • Plastic-coated green and brown finish low visibility and long life.
  • Heavy gauge wire allows for extreme attack.
  • Spring loaded door ensure high catch rate.
  • Small mesh opening protects your safety.
Dog Humane Trap
Model No. Size (inch) Feature
Length Width Height
LS421515 42 15 15 1-Door, spring loaded
LD421013 42 10 13 2-Door, spring loaded
LD481512 48 15 12 2-Door, spring loaded
LD602028 60 20 28 2-Door, spring loaded
Wild dog also known as a dingo, make damages to farms and villages

A wild dog

Robust dog trap ideal for catching dingo and wild dog

Rigid dog trap

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