FAQ about animal trap problems

There are some frequently asked questions from our customers. These FAQs will assist with catching unwanted animals from your yard, attic, and property. If they can't resolve your problems or you are still confused about animal traps, please feel freely to contact us. Our animal-trapping expert will find a way for your trouble.

The bait is gone but the trap cage is empty. What is wrong?

There are some factors which will affect the trapping result. And it is possible that the nuisance animal ate the bait without trapping in the cage.

  1. First, traps don't touch the trigger or the touch is too light to engage the trigger. To avoid this problem, there are two suggestions for you. One suggestion is to place some bait on top of the trigger pan or some more under the pan. This is an effective method to entice the animal to touch the trigger automatically.
  2. Second, the escaped animal is much larger than the animal which is designed to trap. Even the trigger is touched and the door falls, the larger animal is able to escape for part of its body is outside of the trap cage. So it can successful exit the trap.

What should I do to avoid catching neighbor's cat or dog?

Change your bait. Sweet bait is not attractive to dogs or cats. Sweet corn, grape jelly, and bread with peanut butter are common baits for nuisance animals but have no effects to domestic animals.

What should I do if I successfully trap the nuisance animal?

Call the Humane Society for suggestions. Different states have different laws of animal protection and many species are protected. Before setting the trap, you should call Humane Society for suggestions. In addition, make sure the trapped animals are safe and health, and have food to eat.

2-door and 1-door are provided, which is better for me?

We can't give you the definitive answer. Actually, it is a matter of preference. Some people consider 2-door is more active than -door, while some choose the opposite. According to our experience and reviews from our customers, it is proven that 2-door animal trap does better job to cautious and tricky animals such as squirrels and feral cats. 1-door trap requires the animal to walk further past the trip trigger resulting in fewer escapes.

How long should I abandon squirrels to prevent it coming back?

At least 3 to 5 miles from your residential area. The best place would be near the body of water or highway.

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